What’s a 4-letter word that you never want to hear your doctor say to you?

Ok it’s actually not a word, but an acronym, and I’m referring to PCOS.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder that affects millions of women. In fact, chances are good that you know someone affected by it, which probably explains why I’m often asked about it via email, Twitter, and Instagram.

PCOS has various effects in the body, especially in regards to fertility, but one of the biggest concerns in the fitness space is how it affects weight loss. Specifically, many people believe PCOS is caused by being overweight, and that once you have PCOS, losing weight is nigh impossible.

How true is this though? Are you really doomed if you get PCOS and can it truly prevent weight loss? Perhaps more importantly, how can you avoid getting it in the first place?

To help shed some light on the truth, I invited Dr. Spencer Nadolsky back on the podcast. In case you’re not familiar with Dr. Nadolsky, he’s a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician, author of “The Fat Loss Prescription,” and a Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. He’s also part of Legion Athletics’ Scientific Advisory Board and truly knows his stuff when it comes to hormones, fat loss, and yes, memes (which you can find all over his instagram).

In this interview, Dr. Nadolsky discusses …

  • What PCOS is and its symptoms
  • The causes of PCOS and how it might cause or be associated with differences in metabolism, appetite, and mental health
  • The effects of PCOS on hormones and how that relates to fat gain and loss
  • The “secret” to weight loss with PCOS and his dietary tips
  • And more …

So, if you want to learn about dealing with and overcoming PCOS, listen to this episode!

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Time Stamps:

10:02 – What is PCOS?

16:56 – What is PCOS’s relation to weight loss?

37:18 – Would you recommend trying natural remedies before going to medicine?

39:11 – What are some dietary advice that you would give to people with PCOS?

42:15 – Any supplements you would recommend?

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