This podcast goes to cowl a technical facet of muscle constructing. I’m discussing which is extra essential for getting greater and stronger: hypertrophy or hyperplasia?

What do these phrases even imply?

Effectively, hypertrophy is when your muscle cells get greater, and hyperplasia is when the variety of muscle cells will increase.

Scientists aren’t certain whether or not hyperplasia even occurs in people, however “believers” contend that each hypertrophy and hyperplasia contribute to muscle progress. Thus, in accordance with them, you must prepare to provide each of those phenomena to realize muscle as rapidly as attainable.

Specializing in hypertrophy or hyperplasia would change the way you prepare, so this matter has sensible purposes I’m going to interrupt down for you on this podcast.

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4:27 – What’s hypertrophy?

4:46 – What are the elements of muscle?

4:56 – What’s myofibrilar hypertrophy?

5:16 – What’s muscle hyperplasia?

5:37 – Does hyperplasia occur in people?

7:16 – Does hyperplasia exist?

8:10 – How do you induce hyperplasia in animals?

9:26 – What does the science say about hyperplasia in people?

16:56 – How can we trigger hypertrophy?

18:28 – Why does coaching close to failure produce hypertrophy?

19:06 – What about hyperplasia and coaching?

20:12 – Does stretching trigger hyperplasia?

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