This podcast is a Q&A, but it surely’s a bit completely different from the type you’ll sometimes discover right here on Muscle For Life.

In my typical Q&A episodes, I take a query from e mail or Instagram after which absolutely reply it in an episode of the podcast each week.

Nevertheless, over on Instagram, I’ve began doing weekly Q&As within the tales, and it occurred to me that many podcast listeners would possibly get pleasure from listening to these questions and my quick solutions. So, as a substitute of speaking about one factor in an episode, I’m going to cowl quite a lot of questions. And bear in mind a few of these questions are only for enjoyable. 🙂

So if you wish to ask me questions in my Instagram tales, observe me on Instagram (@muscleforlifefitness), and if I reply your query there, it would simply make it onto an episode of the podcast!

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3:38 – Is decline bench press wanted to construct chest muscle tissue?                                    

4:46 – SARMS or steroids? Which is greatest?                              

4:58 – What’re your suggestions for feeling the mind-muscle connection?                                    

5:55 – Are good mornings price programming in for legs?                                    

6:36 – Is Mark Rippetoe a pleasant man?                                    

6:54 – For those who’re 50+ kilos obese, how a lot protein must you eat?                                 

7:34 – Do you have to weigh meals uncooked or cooked for macro monitoring?                                  

7:46 – What’s the launch date for Smaller, Weaker, Sicker for Australians nonetheless below lockdown?                                    

8:29 – How lengthy do I would like to attend after taking creatine to have caffeine or espresso?                                   

8:51 – In Past Larger Leaner Stronger must you change rep vary and set depend whereas reducing?

9:17 – Prowler versus HIIT?                             

9:29 – Recommendation for individuals shedding their jobs resulting from mandates?                                  

10:11 – Recommendation for teenagers concerned with enterprise?                                    

11:51 – Is Ashwagandha efficient for relieving stress?                                 

12:11 – What number of years will it take a skinny man a physique like yours?                                   

12:44 – Do girls actually must discover ways to deadlift and bench press to see outcomes from weight lifting?          

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