What number of occasions have you ever heard that it’s good to always change your exercise routine to proceed making progress? 

That you need to “confuse” and “shock” your muscle tissues into progress by repeatedly subjecting them to new workout routines and exercises?

This sounds wise. 

If we need to enhance one thing, whether or not it’s a ability or some facet of our health, we’ve to repeatedly push boundaries and sort out new challenges. 

Wouldn’t that indicate, then, that we’d should repeatedly topic our muscle tissues to new kinds of bodily calls for? 

That doing the identical exercises each week would lead to stagnation? 

That is the rationale for altering your weightlifting workout routines regularly. 

For instance, to your leg exercise, you may do squats one week, leg press the subsequent, lunges the subsequent, and so forth. To your chest exercise, you may do barbell bench press one week, dumbbell bench press the subsequent, machine chest press the subsequent, and so forth. 

Though many individuals practice this fashion, analysis reveals it’s truly one of many worst methods to program your exercises. Maintain studying to study why.

Why You Shouldn’t Change Your Exercises Too Typically

Whereas it’s true that doing the actual similar exercises many times will result in a hunch, the “muscle confusion” concept misses the forest for the timber. 

Your muscle tissues haven’t any cognitive talents. They’re not making an attempt to guess what exercise you’ll do right now and may’t be “confused” by fancy exercise programming. 

Muscle tissue is solely mechanical. It will probably contract and loosen up. Nothing extra.

That stated, there’s validity to the essential premise that muscle tissues gained’t hold getting larger and stronger until they’re pressured to. 

The place muscle confusion goes astray, nonetheless, is with the sort of stimulus it emphasizes. You’ll be able to change up your exercise routine each week—heck, every single day—and nonetheless hit a plateau as a result of “change” doesn’t trigger muscle progress. Progressive rigidity overload does, and extra so than every other single coaching issue.

This time period refers to growing the quantity of rigidity your muscle tissues produce over time, and whereas there are a number of methods to perform this, the best one (and the one which varieties the nucleus of my Larger Leaner Stronger and Thinner Leaner Stronger coaching packages for women and men) is to progressively improve the quantity of resistance your muscle tissues should work towards. 

In different phrases, the important thing to gaining muscle and power isn’t merely altering motion patterns, rep ranges, or relaxation intervals—it’s making your muscle tissues work tougher

And that’s precisely what you’re doing by step by step growing resistance ranges (hundreds) in your coaching. That’s the excessive street to muscle hypertrophy.

How Typically You Ought to Change Your Weightlifting Workout routines

Except you need to change workout routines sooner due to harm, tools availability (lodge fitness center, as an example), or different obstacles, you must keep on with the identical compound workout routines for no less than 6-to-8 weeks at a time (and I like to recommend you by no means cease doing the barbell squat, bench press, and deadlift). 

You don’t essentially must do the identical variation of every of those workout routines year-round, however you ought to be performing some model of them each week.

For optimum outcomes, I additionally advocate you attempt to keep on with the identical compound workout routines for even longer than this—ideally near 12-to-16 weeks. For instance, you may keep on with the barbell squat for 16 weeks, then do the security bar squat (a really comparable model of the barbell squat) to your subsequent 16 weeks of coaching. 

Since most isolation workout routines are a lot simpler to grasp than compound workout routines, you may swap them out extra regularly. 

For example, you may do barbell curls for 4 weeks, then alternating dumbbell curls for 4 weeks, then EZ-bar curls for 4 weeks, after which begin over with barbell curls or one other curl variation.

Some individuals suppose {that a} rigorous process like this sounds much less satisfying than a extra numerous one, however that’s solely till they find out how efficient it’s. 

By not making frequent adjustments to workout routines, you may have sufficient time to get attuned to your routine + hone your train approach + precisely observe your progress = an equation for outstanding outcomes (enjoyable!).