Methods to Bench Press: Correct Kind & Suggestions

Methods to Bench Press: Correct Kind & Suggestions

The story of the bench press begins in 1899 with a strongman and wrestler named George Hackenschmidt.

Also referred to as “The Russian Lion,” Hackenschmidt was recognized for inventing new workouts to assist him put together for wrestling matches.

One such train concerned getting right into a place referred to as the “wrestler’s bridge,” then gripping a barbell and urgent it over his chest.

He modified the train barely in order that he was mendacity on his again as an alternative of his neck (ouch), after which proceeded to press 362 kilos—a document that stood for 18 years.

Eventually somebody determined to put on a bench with the barbell suspended on pins overhead, and viola, the fashionable bench press was born.

What most individuals consult with because the bench press is technically the flat barbell bench press, as there are additionally a number of variations price studying that contain dumbbells, incline benches, and machines. 

Most individuals additionally suppose the bench press solely trains your chest. Whereas it is a superb chest train, the reality is that when carried out correctly, it trains nearly each muscle in your physique besides your legs, calves, and glutes. 

Bench Press Advantages

The bench press is without doubt one of the single greatest workouts for constructing nearly each main muscle in your higher physique, in case you do it appropriately.

Particularly, the bench press develops your . . . 

  • Pectoralis main and minor
  • Triceps
  • Deltoids
  • Latissimus dorsi
  • Trapezius
  • Forearms

The stronger you get, the extra you’ll have to depend on different muscle teams to assist stabilize your physique, and the extra of a full-body train it turns into.

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Methods to Bench Press with Correct Kind

To carry out this train correctly, you’ll want a devoted bench press station (most do) or a padded bench and squat rack. Right here’s what a bench press station seems to be like: 

Step 1: Set Up

First, lie down on the bench and regulate your physique so your eyes are underneath the bar.

Then, increase your chest up and tuck your shoulder blades down and squeeze them collectively. A great cue for that is to consider pulling your shoulder blades into your again pockets, like this: 


Seize the bar along with your arms barely wider than shoulder-width aside, about 22 to twenty-eight inches, relying in your construct.

Plant your ft on the bottom about shoulder-width aside, arch your again barely, and unrack the bar by locking your elbows out to push the bar off the hooks..

Whereas preserving your arms locked, transfer the bar horizontally till it’s instantly over your shoulders.  

Step 2: Descend

Conserving your elbows tucked and in place, decrease the bar to the decrease a part of your chest, over your nipples. The bar ought to transfer in a straight line down, not towards your face or stomach button. 

As soon as the bar has touched your chest (touched, not bounced off of), you’re able to ascend.

Step 3: Ascend

Conserving your shoulder blades down and pinched, your elbows tucked, your decrease again barely arched, your butt on the bench, and your ft on the ground, push towards the bar to get it off your chest.

The bar ought to transfer up with a barely diagonal path, shifting towards your shoulders, ending the place you started: with the bar instantly over your shoulders, the place it’s most naturally balanced.

Bench Press Suggestions

Tip 1: Preserve your elbows at a 50-60 diploma angle

You need your elbows to stay at a 50- to 60-degree angle relative to your torso all through your complete motion. This protects your shoulders from harm and is a steady, robust place to press from. 

Tip 2: Preserve your ft planted firmly on the ground

A simple manner to do that is to push your knees out to the perimeters and push your heels into the bottom as you push the bar off your chest. A typical mistake is to let your knees shoot inward or raise up your ft throughout your previous few reps, which reduces rigidity in your higher physique and makes it more durable to complete your set.

Tip 3: Don’t Pressure Your Wrists

Maintain the bar low in your arms, nearer to your wrists than your fingers, and squeeze it as onerous as you may. Your wrists ought to be bent simply sufficient to permit the bar to settle into the bottom of your palm, however not folded again at a 90-degree angle, like this: 


Tip 4: Use a full grip (wrap your thumb across the bar)

Don’t use a “thumbless” or “suicide” grip (because it’s aptly known as) the place your thumbs lie subsequent to your index fingers versus wrapped across the bar. The explanation for that is apparent: if you’re going heavy, it’s surprisingly simple for the barbell to slide out of your arms and crash down in your chest, or worse, your throat.

Tip 5: Arch your again correctly

You don’t need your again flat on the bench and also you don’t need it so arched that your butt is floating above it. As an alternative, you need to preserve the pure arch that happens if you push your chest out and your ft aside.

Bench Press Variations

Variation 1: Shut-Grip Barbell Bench Press

Once you slim your grip on the bar, you place extra of the load on the triceps and barely much less in your chest.

The close-grip bench press is only a common bench press carried out along with your arms just a few inches inside shoulder-width aside, or about two to a few inches nearer than your regular grip. Aside from the grip modification, it is best to carry out the close-grip bench in precisely the identical manner because the bench press.

Variation 2: Dumbbell Bench Press

The dumbbell bench press is much like the barbell bench press, besides you press one dumbbell in every hand as an alternative of a barbell. 

The 2 predominant advantages of the dumbbell bench press are that it permits you to enhance the vary of movement past the usual barbell bench press and to make use of no matter wrist place feels extra comfy to you.

Variation 3: Incline Bench Press

The incline bench press works precisely the identical manner because the barbell bench press, besides you lie on an incline bench as an alternative of a flat bench. 

When doing the incline bench press, the angle of incline within the bench ought to be 30 to 45 levels. The essential setup and motion of the incline bench press is simply as you discovered for the common bench press, with a small exception: the bar ought to go by the chin and contact slightly below the collarbones to permit for a vertical bar path.

Variation 4: Reverse-Grip Barbell Bench Press

The reverse-grip bench press is much like the close-grip and incline bench press, in that it emphasizes the higher portion of your chest muscle. 

To do the reverse-grip bench press, flip your grip round on the bar (so your palms face you). Grip the bar in order that it crosses your palm diagonally, from the bottom of your index finger to the other fringe of your wrist. 

Variation 5: Decline Bench Press

The decline barbell bench press is common amongst some individuals however I’m not a fan. Because of its lowered vary of movement, it’s simply much less efficient than incline and flat urgent. 

A typical argument made for doing decline presses is working the bottom portion of the pectoralis main, however there isn’t a lot proof that it is advisable to particularly prepare the “decrease” portion of the pecs (that are already skilled in the course of the flat barbell bench press).

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