I’ve been following my Past Greater Leaner Stronger 2.0 program for over two years now (I used to be tinkering with the programming for a few 12 months earlier than I launched the second version of the e-book), and I simply completed one other macrocycle of coaching with a flourish.

On the finish of every 4-month macrocycle, this system requires rep max testing on a number of major workout routines, and right here’s the way it went this time at a physique weight of 193 to 195 kilos:

  • Flat bench: 265 x 3 for an estimated 1RM of 280 kilos. I began this macrocycle at an estimated 1RM of 270 kilos.
  • Deadlift: 420 x 5 for an estimated 1RM of 470 kilos. I began this macrocycle at an estimated 1RM of 450 kilos.
  • Seated army press: 165 x 5 for an estimated 1RM of 180 kilos. I began this macrocycle at an estimated 1RM of 175 kilos.
  • Security bar squat: 260 x 8 for an estimated 1RM of 320 kilos. I began this macrocycle at an estimated 1RM of 280 kilos.
  • Incline bench press: 230 x 3 for an estimated 1RM of 240 kilos. I began this macrocycle at an estimated 1RM of 240 kilos.

Surprisingly, after a few years of BBLS 2.0 now, this was certainly one of my most efficient macrocycles but, yielding absolute PRs (pure poundage) on the deadlift and security bar squat and concerning a relative (to physique weight) PR on the flat bench press.

That additionally places me inside hanging distance of the “3-4-5” gold energy commonplace for pure weightlifters (3 plates on the bench, 4 on the squat, and 5 on the deadlift). Gods keen, I could possibly hit the hat trick inside the subsequent 12 months or so.

So, what explains the burst of progress on this macrocycle? 

Legion’s dietary supplements, natch. 

Please give us all of your cash (and all the cash you’ll be able to borrow) so I can honor and manifest my core present of Web profiteering earlier than finally fleeing the nation to lean into aligning my passions and balancing my energetics.

Shifting on.

The first elements that made this macrocycle so productive are simply . . . consistency and persistence.

*dodges salvo of rotten kumquats*


The rationale I did so nicely is I solely missed a few exercises in your entire macrocycle (they usually have been on a deload week); I ate 2,800-to-3,000 energy and 180-to-200 grams of protein each 

day in addition to oodles of nutritious carbs and fat (fruits, veg, complete grains, nuts, and the like) 5-to-6-days per week; and I acquired 7.5-to-8 hours of sleep no less than 80% of the final 120-something nights.

Consider it like this: 

When baking, what occurs should you neglect the leavener? Or should you use an excessive amount of sugar? Or not sufficient fats? You’re in a nasty approach since you want the entire proper elements in the suitable portions to create a righteous batch of confections. 

Likewise, the recipe for gaining muscle and energy turns into extra exacting as you method your genetic limits. It goes from mother’s banana bread to rainbow baked Alaska, and should you fail to account for humidity or the age of your baking soda, you get a slushy puddle of half-rotten tree sap. You should be meticulous to make the grade. 

So bear in mind: The passport to positive aspects is at all times present in refining the basics, not ferreting across the fringes. Power, macronutrient, and micronutrient steadiness, not intermittent fasting, keto, or dietary supplements. Quantity, depth, and progressive overload, not reverse pyramid units, supersets, or super-slow units. Sleep hygiene, relaxation days, and deloads, not stimulants, piss and vinegar, and mulishness.

Oh, and should you’d like to present the Past Greater Leaner Stronger 2.0 program a whirl, you’ll be able to test it out right here