Meat has become more and more controversial of late. 

Some say its damaging effects are on par with smoking, and others even claim we should apply a special “health tax” on meat-eaters. 

The contrarians say meat has a number of positive health benefits, very few downsides, and most of the research showing otherwise is on low-quality processed meats.

And others take a middle-of-the-road outlook and say meat might cause some health problems in large amounts, but it’s healthy in moderation. 

Looking at the scientific evidence only further muddies the waters.

If you look online, you’ll find some studies that seem to show meat is bad for you, some studies that show it’s benign, and others that seem to show it’s good for you. 

In the past few years, though, the pendulum of public opinion has swung hard in the “meat is bad for you” direction, largely thanks to several position statements from major health authorities. 

Who’s right? 

Well, the short answer is meat probably isn’t as bad for you as many news outlets claim, and reducing your intake of meat probably won’t make a big difference in your health. 

That said, it’s also fair to say eating as much processed or fatty meat as you want probably isn’t good for you, either.

Ready for the long answer? 

Let’s kick things off by looking at exactly what meat is, then we’ll get into the case for and against eating it.

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Time Stamps:

4:25 – What is lean and processed red meat?

4:40 – Should I be eating red meat? 

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