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Locum Tenens Practice Settings

There are several medical environments where locum tenens can practice, and each provides a different and valuable opportunity to develop your medical career.

On the ground, these environments offer doctors the opportunity to operate with greater autonomy. Although this might be good for you, it is not always the best option in the early stages of your career.

Community care

Among the many options, you might choose to engage with the community, such as schools, churches, hospitals and community organizations.

Small private medical practices usually have limited staff, so the responsibilities you may need to take on might be greater than in a larger practice. However, the level of patient interaction in such situations can be incredibly satisfying for doctors, even if you are only there temporarily.

A good locum tenens company can often provide an opportunity for younger physicians to learn through joint practice with a senior physician in a close neighborhood environment.

Community medical centers offer patients the opportunity to enjoy close contact not only with their doctors but also with other healthcare professionals in the community.

Emergency care

You can also access fast-moving environments such as emergency rooms and emergency care facilities.

Working in the emergency room can be rewarding and you will find that there are corporate structures that offer you and your full-time colleagues a range of benefits and security.

Urgent care is almost always needed and qualified doctors can easily find positions in this situation.

Many people need immediate care, and this is where doctors can do their best to deal with patients in a single location in the emergency room.

Veteran care

For doctors who have served in the military before, there is something special about giving back to veterans. Some doctors work with the state health authorities, as well as medical staff from local hospitals, and volunteers.

Other areas

Demand for experienced doctors from some rural regions across the country can be very high due to a shortage of doctors.

There are also many opportunities for providing medical care in prisons, both primary care and behavioral medicine are urgently needed – and demand is currently at a record high.

In short …

Regardless of the choice of practice, locum tenens is a great opportunity for today’s doctors, who will undoubtedly grow from the experience.

The opportunity to work closely with a local rural population is rewarding and the environment allows you to gain varied work experience while helping people who need you. Providing rural medical care might be ideal for new doctors looking to broaden their general medical experience.

Also, it might be ideal for older doctors who are looking to ease into retirement but would like to give a community the benefit of their many years of medical experience.

On the other hand, providing care in high-pressure emergency room scenarios can help you hone your professional skills in one of the most demanding medical environments.

Whichever type of practice you choose, working in locum tenens could be the best career move you ever make!