Muscle Stretch Marks: The way to Stop Power Marks from Working Out

Muscle Stretch Marks: The way to Stop Power Marks from Working Out


If in case you have muscle stretch marks and need to do away with them, I’ve good and unhealthy information for you. 

The excellent news is that stretch marks are likely to fade and grow to be much less seen over time, and that there in all probability wasn’t something you might have completed to keep away from them. 

In actual fact, you probably have stretch marks from understanding, it’s in all probability an indication you’ve gained a good quantity of muscle—which is nice! 

The unhealthy information is that stretch marks are semi-permanent. You’ll be able to’t fully do away with them, irrespective of what number of lotions, laser remedies, or different nostrums you attempt.

Normally, the most effective factor you are able to do is settle for stretch marks as little emblems that attest to the laborious work you’ve put into remodeling your physique into one thing particular. 

That stated, there are some things you are able to do to ensure stretch marks don’t worsen, and a few remedies that may barely scale back the visibility of any stretch marks you have already got.

On this article, you’ll study what stretch marks are, what causes stretch marks from muscle progress, why some individuals get them and a few don’t, and what you possibly can (and may’t) do to make them much less apparent.

What Are Muscle Stretch Marks?

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Stretch marks are linear, easy scars within the pores and skin brought on by harm or degeneration of the cartilage in your pores and skin.

Relying on pores and skin shade, they are often pink or purple and fade over time to a pale, silvery hue.

Muscle stretch marks are brought on by a rise within the dimension of the muscle tissues that lie beneath the pores and skin, and mostly seem on the biceps, shoulders, and glutes. They typically seem as a set of faint, curved, parallel “tiger claw” scratches situated proper above the armpit: 

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Right here’s one other shot of what stretch marks on the shoulders appear to be:

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And right here’s what stretch marks on the biceps sometimes appear to be: 

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Stretch marks additionally generally happen on the again, stomach, breast, hips, and thighs, and are usually extra frequent in ladies than in males.

What Causes Stretch Marks on Biceps and Shoulders?

Something that causes a sudden enlargement of the pores and skin may cause stretch marks. A few of the most typical causes are . . . 

  • Vital weight acquire or loss
  • Puberty
  • Being pregnant 

By far, the commonest reason for stretch marks is just gaining an excessive amount of physique fats, which stretches the pores and skin far past its pure dimensions. Because the pores and skin expands, it develops microscopic tears that permit it to accommodate the rise in fats tissue. 

You’ll be able to consider your pores and skin like plastic wrap masking your muscle tissues. Though you possibly can stretch it barely and it’ll snap again into place, when you stretch it far sufficient, it’ll develop everlasting weak factors.

The identical factor is true once you acquire giant quantities of muscle mass. As your muscle tissues develop, they press towards the pores and skin masking them, and in some circumstances this strain will be sufficient to trigger stretch marks.

Stretch marks may also happen naturally because of puberty. As your bones, muscle tissues, and organs develop bigger, your pores and skin might not develop quick sufficient to maintain up with the added quantity, which might additionally trigger stretch marks.

So, why do stretch marks typically seem on the biceps and shoulders? 

Nobody is aware of for certain, however the reply is probably going that the pores and skin in these areas is especially susceptible to stretching and tearing. 

One other probably clarification is that many guys develop stretch marks on many areas of their physique, however that stretch marks on the biceps and shoulders are usually extra apparent. That’s, stretch marks will not be extra frequent on the biceps and shoulders than different elements of the physique, however are simply extra noticeable. 

The way to Stop Stretch Marks from Working Out

Some individuals declare which you could keep away from muscle stretch marks by deliberately gaining muscle slowly and even not coaching muscle tissues beneath pores and skin that’s growing stretch marks. 

Whereas this appears logical at first blush, it’s nonsensical for just a few causes.

To start with, it’s not clear whether or not the fee or quantity of weight acquire is what causes stretch marks. That’s, it’s fairly attainable that after your muscle tissues attain a sure dimension, you’ll get stretch marks no matter how shortly or slowly they develop. If that is true, your solely method to keep away from getting muscle stretch marks can be to easily not acquire muscle, which isn’t a tradeoff most guys need to make. 

For argument’s sake, although, let’s say that gaining weight shortly does enhance the chance of stretch marks. On this case, intentionally attempting to achieve muscle slowly remains to be foolish.

The explanation for that is that until you’re taking steroids, muscle progress is a sluggish, laborious course of, and it takes most males no less than three to 5 years to comprehend their genetic potential for muscle acquire. In brief, muscle progress is at all times going to be sluggish no matter the way you eat or practice as a pure weightlifter.

Extra particularly, most guys can acquire round 20 kilos of muscle of their first yr of correct weightlifting (about 1.5 kilos per thirty days); about 10 kilos the second yr; about 5 kilos the third yr, and from there on they’re fortunate to achieve a pound or two per yr. (Curious how a lot muscle you possibly can acquire? Take a look at the Legion Muscle Achieve Potential Calculator).

Even throughout your first yr of weightlifting, once you’re constructing muscle sooner than you ever will once more, you’re nonetheless solely gaining 1.5 kilos per thirty days. And if that’s all it takes to get muscle stretch marks, they have been in all probability simply in your genetic playing cards to start with.

Except you’re taking steroids, gaining an considerable quantity of muscle is at all times going to take months and years, which must be ample time in your pores and skin to regulate. The fact is that after you develop a specific amount of muscle mass, you’re in all probability going to get stretch marks no matter how slowly you construct muscle. 

There’s additionally one other clarification for why some individuals get stretch marks and a few don’t: how a lot fats they acquire whereas bulking

Pushed by unrealistic expectations, unhealthy habits, or poor recommendation from health gurus, many individuals who bulk incorrectly placed on two or three kilos of fats for each pound of muscle they acquire. For instance, somebody may acquire 20 kilos of muscle but in addition acquire 40 kilos of fats throughout a bulk, placing their whole weight acquire at 60 kilos in a matter of months. That is an excessive instance, however I’ve seen it occur.

In different phrases, they gained far more weight than they wanted to, and thus their pores and skin needed to increase to accommodate their additional bulk. 

In lots of circumstances, although, the stretch marks aren’t instantly apparent, and so many individuals don’t notice them till they lose a lot of the load they’ve gained on one in all these “soiled bulks.” Then, as soon as they’ve misplaced a lot of the load, some individuals assume the ensuing stretch marks have been from gaining muscle, after they have been actually from gaining far an excessive amount of fats.

And what about individuals who have stretch marks who’ve by no means been obese or soiled bulked?

In these circumstances, the perpetrator is probably going genetics. Both they skilled a really aggressive progress spurt throughout puberty which prompted stretch marks or their pores and skin was merely extra vulnerable to them in grownup life. 

So, what can you do to keep away from stretch marks? Listed below are 4 issues that may assist.

Keep a wholesome physique weight.

One of the best ways to keep away from stretch marks is to maintain your physique fats share in a wholesome vary. For males, this implies staying between 8 to 17% physique fats and for ladies it means staying between 15 to 25% physique fats. 

Try this, and your possibilities of growing stretch marks drops considerably.  

Keep away from fast will increase or decreases in physique weight.

Gaining muscle shortly in all probability doesn’t enhance your danger of stretch marks, however gaining muscle together with plenty of physique fats in all probability does. 

If you happen to’ve been weightlifting for a yr or much less and are gaining weight sooner than about 1.5% of your physique weight per thirty days, you’re in all probability gaining extra fats than try to be, which considerably will increase your danger of stretch marks. If you happen to’ve been lifting weights for greater than a yr, you must purpose to achieve weight no sooner than about 0.5 to 1% of your physique weight per thirty days.

Eat a nutritious weight loss plan.

Getting ample nutritional vitamins A and C and zinc and silicon are significantly essential for pores and skin well being. 

If you happen to’d like to make sure you don’t have any dietary “holes” in your weight loss plan, attempt Triumph, a sport multivitamin that enhances well being, efficiency, and temper; and reduces stress, fatigue, and nervousness.

Can You Get Rid of Stretch Marks from Working Out?

Probably not. 

Sadly, stretch marks are not possible to take away fully. Though you’ll discover many individuals recommending varied lotions, ointments, and different embrocations for eliminating stretch marks, there’s little proof these remedies work.

The explanation for that is that stretch marks are a type of deep scarring that impacts a number of layers of pores and skin. Thus, rubbing a cream on the outermost layer doesn’t do something to take away the scarring beneath the floor. 

That stated, analysis reveals that some remedies might barely scale back the looks of stretch marks, so let’s shortly evaluate each the great and unhealthy.

Stretch Mark Lotions

Lotions may help with pores and skin dryness and scale back itching, however analysis reveals they’re typically ineffective for decreasing or stopping stretch marks. There may be very weak proof that the topical software of hyaluronic acid—which will be present in some stretch mark lotions—might assist stop stretch marks, however don’t depend on it. 

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is a fatty substance obtained from cocoa beans that’s lengthy been a people treatment for stopping stretch marks. Sadly, it’s a dud. Research present that it doesn’t scale back the chance of growing stretch marks.

Bitter Almond Oil

Bitter almond oil is oil extracted from almonds produced by the bitter almond tree. A examine carried out by scientists at Inonu College in Turkey discovered that pregnant ladies who acquired a therapeutic massage with bitter almond oil developed fewer stretch marks than ladies who acquired an everyday therapeutic massage and girls who have been rubbed with the oil however didn’t get a therapeutic massage. 

That stated, the outcomes have but to be replicated and odor a bit fishy (why would the oil not assist in any respect with out the therapeutic massage?).

Silicone Gel

A examine carried out by scientists on the College of Manchester discovered that topics who massaged silicone gel into their stomach day by day for six weeks lowered stretch mark pigmentation, so there is likely to be some advantage in giving it a shot. 

Olive Oil

Analysis reveals that making use of olive oil to the affected space of the physique doesn’t scale back the chance of growing stretch marks. That stated, one examine discovered that making use of olive oil topically twice per day can scale back the incidence of extreme stretch marks, so it is likely to be price attempting (particularly contemplating how cheap it’s in comparison with the opposite choices). 

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is a medicinal plant that has been in use for a whole bunch of years. Analysis reveals that common topical software of Gotu Kola might give you the chance enhance quite a lot of pores and skin situations, together with stretch marks, cellulite, and scarring typically.

Retinoic Acid

Retinoic acid is a compound derived from vitamin A, and it’s utilized in lotions like Tretinoin to rebuild collagen within the pores and skin and thus enhance the looks of early stretch marks (the pink, first-stage traces) and pimples. Analysis reveals that it could assist scale back the severity of stretch marks, nevertheless it shouldn’t be utilized by pregnant or breastfeeding ladies as a result of it could trigger start defects.


Microdermabrasion is a course of whereby crystals are blown onto the pores and skin and vacuumed away, “sharpening” its floor. It gently removes the highest layer of the pores and skin, which stimulates the expansion of latest, easy pores and skin. Analysis reveals it might be able to enhance the looks of early stretch marks.

Laser Remedy

Laser remedy makes use of totally different wavelengths of sunshine to stimulate the manufacturing of collagen, elastin, or melanin within the pores and skin. Research present that laser remedy is a protected, efficient means to enhance the looks of each early (pink) and late (white) stretch marks.

There are numerous forms of lasers that can be utilized successfully, such because the 1,064-nm Nd:YAG laser, 1540-nm fractional nonablative laser, and 1550-nm fractional nonablative laser, so speak along with your physician as to which is best suited to your situation. Bear in mind, although, that there’s nonetheless no proof that laser remedy can fully take away stretch marks, solely make them much less seen.

Intense Pulsed Gentle (IPL)

IPL is a pores and skin remedy that entails, as you possibly can guess, pulsing the pores and skin with a high-powered mild.

Just like laser remedy, the sunshine and warmth are used to destroy sure buildings within the pores and skin to allow them to be rebuilt. 

Whereas laser remedy makes use of just one wavelength of sunshine, although, IPL makes use of filters to modify between a broad spectrum of wavelengths. A number of research present that IPL is a protected and efficient remedy for decreasing the looks of stretch marks.

The Proper Option to Suppose About Muscle Stretch Marks

Many, many individuals have stretch marks. 

I’d even go as far as to say that most people I’ve met who’ve gained a major quantity of muscle have no less than just a few of those little silvery streaks someplace on their physique, and that’s tremendous. 

If in case you have stretch marks after reducing weight, then take a look at them as emblems of what you have been capable of accomplish along with your physique. They’re little reminders of how far you’ve come.

If in case you have stretch marks after gaining muscle, take a look at them as battle scars from constructing a physique you will be pleased with—totems to your individual private transformation. And if that doesn’t assist, simply consider them as a small sacrifice you needed to make on the altar of positive factors. 🙂

And you probably have stretch marks from puberty or genetics, chalk them as much as one of many many irksome vagaries of life which can be out of your management and finally simply aren’t that essential. Give attention to the issues you possibly can management, enhance, and grasp, not minor, immutable nuisances like stretch marks. 

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