If you’re not familiar with my story, the truth is I didn’t always want to have a career in the fitness industry. But after I decided to write a book to help people learn from my own mistakes in the gym, things started snowballing.

Not only have I sold nearly 2 million books, but I started my own sports nutrition company, Legion, which has since become an 8 figure business with over 250,000 customers worldwide. 

If you’re interested in hearing more about my backstory and the beginnings and founding of Legion, you’re going to love this podcast, which is actually an interview from The More Than Fitness Podcast with Matt McLeod. 

In his podcast, Matt interviews some of the brightest stars in the fields of fitness, business, and self-development, with the goal of maximizing life both in and outside of the gym.

So, I was happy to oblige when Matt asked to have a conversation with me. In this episode, Matt asks me all about the history of Legion and my background as a do-er of “fitness things,” including . . .

  • How I got into the fitness industry and why I started writing
  • The origins of Bigger Leaner Stronger
  • Why I started making supplements
  • How I make business decisions
  • How and why I continue to learn
  • And more . . .

So, if you’re interested in hearing how it all started, and maybe pick up some “inside baseball” tips, tune in and let me know what you think!

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5:03 – When you meet someone for the first time what do you tell them you do for work?

6:10 – When you first started, how intentional was all of this? Did it slowly evolve or did you have a big master plan?

32:00 – How do you decide what is and isn’t worth doing?

54:14 – What drives you to keep learning?

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