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Give us iso and shutter speed on a single dial that can be modified easily with one hand whereas looking via the viewfinder. Then how nice would it not be if the aperture ring was again on all their lenses…….. In my early days of images Photograpy News, once I was a pupil, I fell in love with the Nikon FM 2. I eventually purchased the final of the FM collection, the FM 3a, for work related to my master’s diploma.

  • These bite-sized pictures tips are straightforward to grasp, covering everything from beginner digital camera approach to creativity and composition.
  • The June/July issue would be the final concern, in accordance with Editor-in-Chief Dan Havlik’s Facebook post.
  • At excessive magnifications, even the superb in-body picture stabilization of today’s cameras cannot compensate for the very low gentle and long shutter speeds required for actually wonderful macro work.
  • But many unbelievable photographers dedicate themselves to documenting birds in the wild.