Muscle recovery nostrums are an evergreen fad in the fitness industry. 

Fancy foam rollers, special kinds of stretching, overpriced medical tape, CBD oil, and gimcrack supplements are all à la mode.

If you stay up to date on these sorts of things, you’ve probably seen one of the latest recovery trinkets: massage guns. 

Although massage guns have existed for about a decade, they’ve become popular recently thanks to stylish new branding, celebrity endorsements, and aggressive marketing. 

And you’ve probably wondered, are they worth it?

Massage gun advocates claim these devices replicate the benefits of traditional massage therapy: soothing sore muscles and boosting blood flow, recovery, flexibility, and mood. 

Skeptics claim massage guns are no more effective than regular massage and not much if any better than cheaper alternatives like a foam roller or lacrosse ball. 

What does science have to say about all this? 

Can massage guns boost muscle recovery and provide other benefits, or are they just an extravagant gimmick? 

You’ll learn the answers to these questions in this podcast, but first, let’s take a closer look at what a massage gun actually is. 

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4:39 – What is a massage gun? 

6:45 – What does science say about massage guns? 

22:58 – Which massage gun should I get? 

25:17 – How do you use a massage gun correctly to get the best results? 

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