What’s the best time of day to lift weights? 

Search for an answer to that question online and you’ll learn that there are basically two schools of thought on this issue:

  1. It’s best to train in the late afternoon or evening.
  2. It doesn’t much matter when you train.

Proponents of the first position point to studies that show athletes perform better later in the day and claim that if you do the same, you’ll be able to use heavier weights in your workouts and gain more muscle and strength as a result.

Advocates of the second position claim that although most people have better workouts in the evening, your body can also adjust to morning workouts over time, nullifying any benefits of training in the evening. 

Who’s right? 

Is training in the latter half of the day really superior to training in the first half? And if so, is the difference enough to matter? 

Or, can you get equally good results regardless of what time you train? 

Keep listening to learn what science says.

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Time Stamps:

3:16 – What are circadian rhythms? 

4:45 – The sleep-wake cycle 

7:21 – The body temperature cycle 

9:01 – The testosterone cycle 

11:10 – What do studies say about the best time of day to lift weights? 

17:26 – Does training in the evening create an optimal hormonal environment for building muscle?

19:11 – What is the best time of day to lift weights? 

21:21 – Tips for training in the morning  

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